Acne Home Remedies  at  Natural Solutions to your Health Problem

Acne Home Remedies at Natural Solutions to your Health Problem

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Published by admin March 6th, 2009 in Acne

Whether you run a search on the Internet or you simply ask around, there are dozens of acne home remedies you can try for the treatment and prevention of pimples. In the majority of situations, home cures are recommended to mild or moderate acne cases, more serious skin conditions should be diagnosed and treated medically. Have a look over the following acne home remedies, they represent suggestions and solutions issued from popular use and should not be taken as the letter of the law.

Acne triggers the redness and inflammation of skin areas; comfort can be achieved by means of cold and hod compresses; the cold ones reduce the swelling while the hot dilate the pores and allow for the elimination of the clogging residues. So as to make these acne home remedies more efficient, increase the hydration level in order to assist the body to purge itself from the toxins and residues.

Lots of homemade treatments rely on veggies, fruits and herbs. Citric juices for instance are recommended for skin exfoliation, proving ideal for the treatment of oily skin types. Almond oil minimizes the risk of scars formation, while tea tree oil has the reputation of the best natural antibacterial substances. Lots of other acne home remedies can be created with cucumbers, tomatoes, aloe and so on.

Another element with well reputed disinfectant and regenerative properties is honey. A honey anti-acne mask applied twice a week could be one very efficient way of keeping acne under control. Honey together with certain foods may also represent the internal acne home remedies that reduce the inconveniences of the disease by an internal action as well.

It is known that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the toxin level in the system and allows for a more rapid or consistent cleaning of the skin. Therefore, it is totally incorrect to discuss acne home remedies without referring to the importance of diet and the way it contributes to the balancing of the natural system functions. If you manage to eat healthily, then, you will have understood that acne is more than just a skin problem.

The Internet abounds in tips and recipes for acne home remedies. Don’t use more remedies in parallel: try one or two cures and see how the skin responds to them within a minimum two-week period. If there is no improvement whatsoever, you can move on to trying something else. The problem with using too many acne home remedies simultaneously is that it makes it more difficult to realize which element works better for the skin condition.

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