Tina’s Story

Tina’s Story

Hello and Welcome to My Story

March 2006 I was diagnosed diabetic and at 45 yrs old 5′2″, I weighed 192 pounds with a 12 fast blood sugar of 167. My blood sugar did hit 248 from time to time (that’s insulin requiring levels) (it should run around 90 to no more than 140 ever, shortly after a meal and no more than approximately 100 – 12 hour fasting) Blood pressure of 190/148. Cholesterol ran 205. I was always very tired and took a nap each day from being so tired and had lots of headaches.

I went to diabetic education classes where I learned a lot, I did some additional reading on my own and came up with this eating plan on my own. Every one that I have told about it has lost a lot of weight. My husband has now begun the plan and has lost over 20 pounds.

Losing weight was not my original goal, it was to get healthier and I didn’t want to lose my eye sight or to have my legs amputated. However, I did lose weight and here is how I did it. Everyone should eat like they are diabetics and maybe they won’t ever become one.

Today I weigh 138 pounds, not on any diabetic medications and an A1c of 5.0 (30 day glucose level which is that of a non diabetic). Total Cholesterol runs approximately 175. My blood pressure runs approximately 118/68 and I feel like an energizer bunny. Also my thinking is much clearer and I make far fewer mistakes in my daily work. I’ve enrolled back in college after being out for 16 years and the twenty year olds don’t have the memory that I have. I’m in my fifth year working on my master’s degree in health science.

Now, be willing to stick with me and I’ll stick with you via my blog.

Hang in there and don’t give up.

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