Discover the Science of Losing Weight for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Discover the Science of Losing Weight for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

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Discover the Science of Losing Weight for Optimal Health and Weight LossPublished March 3, 2011 By kelly

Are you committed to losing weight and keeping it off? Have you tried diet and weight loss programs that robbed you of your energy as well as your desire to live in optimal health? Do you want to learn how to lose weight and maintain optimal health, regain strength, vitality, and your youthful vigor? There is a way and the way involves learning the science of losing weight. Losing weight is the result of a chemical reaction in the body which causes stored body fat to burn and be used for energy.

Losing weight and excess body fat have been deemed a battle for many. Many people make several attempts over their lifetime to lose weight and trim body fat. With determination, many of us try a new diet and rely on willpower to lose weight and maintain our fitness programs. With the fad dieter mentality, we quickly discover willpower alone just is not enough.

Unfortunately, willpower is not the key to losing weight because in order to have any power at all, we must first be empowered with information, knowledge, and strategies. This empowerment will not only help us lose weight and keep it off but this empowerment will also help us achieve optimal health. This empowerment happens when we learn the science of losing weight. When we learn the science of losing weight, we empower ourselves through knowledge and we can enjoy permanent and healthy weight loss.

Losing weight is a science; therefore, we must take a scientific view of how we gain weight in the first place. For example, did you know that 80% of all people who are overweight battle food addictions and tend to be emotional eaters? Did you know that food addiction and emotional eating is the result of chemicals found in the foods you eat? The science of losing weight explains how this happens. From day one of our lives, not only has food been associated with emotional comfort in our mother’s arms, it has also been our way to socialize with others. In many ways food has been how we connect with others. Moreover, comfort foods, as they are often called, induce our brain to secrete a happy feeling chemical that is a hundred times stronger than most alcohol and drugs.

As one can determine, this resulting physiological factor can overwhelm anyone’s willpower effectively and quickly. Not only can these chemical laden foods destroy your willpower, because these foods lead to food addictions, but comfort foods also deplete our energy, slow down our metabolism, and cause our bodies to store fat. The weight loss process itself is not that difficult, but the stress associated with battling food addiction is what makes losing weight feel very difficult.

Serving as an answer to this struggle, the science of losing weight is a pertinent study; in fact, it is a two fold study. It is studying how food affects our body psychologically and how these chemicals affect our body psychologically. Many of us see this interplay everyday in our own diets, but we do not know how to address these issues.

In our society, comfort foods are apart of our culture, interactions, and customs. We celebrate with food. We mourn with food. Birthday parties, we have food. Holidays, we have food. We use food to cheer up. We use food to reward. And when we celebrate, mourn, and cheer ourselves up with food, it is not raw fruits, vegetables nuts, seeds, and grains we choose. Instead of nutritious foods, we choose comfort foods such as processed foods, starches, sugars, carbonated drinks, alcohol, deep fried foods, and rich fatty sauces. This habit of celebrating with comfort foods is what makes losing weight and body fat a task. For many it is a constant battle to resist highly addictive processed foods full of sugars, starches, and empty calories.

What we must realize is these foods were designed to be addictive. And the addiction is based on science; therefore, we must learn the science of losing weight in order to heal our bodies as well as our minds. It is all very physiological and psychological at the same time. After all, a certain brand of potato chips declared…you can not eat just one.

As one can see, these foods are called comfort foods for a reason. They have been chemically designed to comfort. Accordingly, take a moment to view the science behind this…

As we eat comfort foods, a feel good hormone is released called serotonin. However, the release is sharp and unregulated which causes us to crash soon afterwards. This crash leads to depression, loss of energy, and lethargy. So what happens? We crave the serotonin high and return to yet more comfort foods.

Is there a way to break this cycle of chasing the serotonin high? When we understand the science of losing weight, we discover there are nutritious foods we can eat in certain combinations and quantities that will release serotonin naturally and in a more regulated manner. As such, when we eat these nutritious foods, we feel ecstatic throughout the day without a dreadful crash and loss of energy.

We can not pile on the chemical laden comfort foods and expect to lose weight. The food and drug industry have played on our love for comfort foods and have caused an epidemic of obesity. Consequently, this is the law of chemical affinity at work in the worst way.

Take a look at another scientific component to losing weight. Did you know that properly combining your food will trigger the chemical reaction that promotes proper digestion, elimination, and a faster metabolic rate? Yes, there are specific ways in which we can combine our foods to help us quickly metabolize fat, carbohydrates, and proteins, use them for energy, and prevent storing additional fat.

In fact, proper food combinations help to keep our body at proper pH levels for burning fat stored already on the body. With these efforts, your body will better respond to your exercise and fitness program. Weight loss will be a natural process without losing energy. This will allow you to literally reshape your body.

Have no fear. When you learn the science of losing weight for optimal health, you never have to worry about starvation. Starvation does not promote weight loss. The science of losing weight contends that you can eat plenty of food and still lose weight. The science of losing weight demands that you do eat.

However, there is much more to the process. In order to know what to do and when to do it, we must get accurate information. We need to learn more about how our bodies work and how we can keep our bodies healthy, fit, vital, and strong.

Empower yourself with knowledge and wisdom about the science of losing weight. Get control over your life and your body.

Carmellita M. Brown, a Wellness and Success Coach, Online publisher, and Author, invites you to learn the science of losing weight by joining her online class Lose Weight while becoming a Wellness Coach.

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